customoving® Christmas rolling pin, embossing rolling pin, engraved rolling pin by laser, rolling pin, cookie stamp,home product( 35*4.5 cm)


We present to you the carved rolling pin made of lovingly high quality wood.

This embossing rolling pin are handcrafted expertly, engraved, sanded and finished to take on your next baking project and make you the star.

“It embosses perfectly your cookies, pies, fondant... with pure love ❤.”

It's a perfect idea for a gift for every occasion, not only for bakers!

Before using, brush it with vegetable oil or olive oil.
Wash dry with a brush first, then if needed with water, soap and dry well before using again!
Do not wash in a dishwasher and try to avoid prolonged contact with water.
Dry it thoroughly and apply a layer of vegetable oil or olive oil (Keep away from direct sunlight).