customoving®Flower Horse Fashion PrintOven Mitts And Pot Holders (set of four) Home Products


【 Product performance 】
High-quality fabrics: Made of high-quality fabrics, fine workmanship, thick and durable, anti-scalding and heat-insulating unique lanyard design: convenient for hanging and storage, saving space Double-layer thick heat insulation: thickened natural fibers and anti-scald, safe to use Wide range of uses: Uncover the pot in the kitchen Covers, microwave ovens, oven dishes, etc., and outdoor barbecues are easy to wash: no fading, moisture absorption and breathability, wear-resistant and durable
【 Applicable scenarios 】
It can be used for uncovering pots in the kitchen, serving dishes in microwave ovens, ovens, etc., as well as outdoor barbecues.
【 Washing instructions 】
It is recommended to wash by hand, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, and the temperature of the washing liquid should not exceed 45ºC.